What We Believe

Promise Christian Church:

Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Point of clarification:  I believe there are many “potential” bridges we could make in all our beliefs, but we take sides and fight. Shame on us all!  But there is one area that we should never compromise and that is Jesus Christ Son of God. The MORMON and JEHOVAH WITNESS CULTS have violated that witness and will be held forever accountable (Galatians 1:6). They are NOT Christian, they are Cults. Mormons believe in 3 Gods. They have a secret society. They use Christian language in their literature to lure you in. BEWARE!!!!  Jesus was a man to Mormons and a lesser God to the Jehovah Witness. The book of Mormon is filled with lies. They even claim Jesus was born in Jerusalem and Joseph Smith was in the line of Melchizedek. Joseph Smith was born in England. Only Christ was born in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:6). The name Jehovah in itself is a corrupt form of Hebrew and yet they proclaim they have the true name. These cults were created in the 1800’s and come from a long line of heresies that were present in the early church. They have always been renounced!


Church shop away!  Put us to the test. I will talk with you about any Christian faith, objectively!  BUT DO NOT allow yourself to be captured by the Mormon or Jehovah Witness cults. The price is eternal!


NOTE:  This is what we believe, but not always what we practice. All beliefs have a variety of people’s faith in them.  I’ve spoken with people of almost every religion, even Jew and Greek. They all have people who really know their beliefs and some that don’t have a clue.


My witness is that Jesus claimed me and makes me worth more than I could ever imagine. I want to share how I couldn’t do all that fancy “churchy” stuff. I didn’t know the Bible or all the rules, but Christ used me and opened my eyes. Then I went to school where I studied and learned. I studied in Greek and wrestled with the faith. All along, I found that Jesus was preparing me for this moment in time. Jesus used me in the creation of Promise. As Mother Teresa once said,


“I am nothing. He is all. I do nothing on my own.

He does it. That is what I am, God’s Pencil.”


Obviously, we have endless books and scriptural references, but I assume if you’re reading this, you’re trying to get a quick understanding of what it means to be Lutheran.

Therefore, let me sum up what we believe in a way that may help you to understand the differences:


After much study and searching, Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church because he realized that the focus was not on Christ alone. He was against buying your way out of purgatory and praying to saints. He was against works that made the individual look good. He said everything was about Christ and His redeeming work.


As “Protestants (protestors)”, most of us agree on this but our motives are distinctly different. For us as Lutherans, we believe it is only Christ. We don’t accept or do anything to receive God’s grace. Christ does it for us and if we get out of the way and let Him, He will do great things through us. At the end of the day, a Lutheran can only say, “WOW, God is so good!”  Look what He did here and here. All others, except Presbyterians, will begin by saying ‘I’. For example, “When I accepted Jesus…” or “I did this or I did that.”  This does not make those faiths the antichrist. They are faiths that came out of the enlightenment and placed the focus on human reason and personal endeavor. What about works and doing good things?  Yes!  We should do them more than anyone and more graciously, because all our works are in thanks. We are like the one Leper who returned to give thanks. I’ll help you because God is so gracious to me that I am compelled by love.

 It’s fun to church shop and find a church that is nice, but…

    Wouldn’t it be better to find one that is right?

Only Jesus!  Only Grace!

Only the Word!

What we believe:

  •     We believe in one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  •     We believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and the only way to heaven.
  •     We believe the Holy Spirit lives in us and empowers us.


Many people say that “All religions are alike.”  To some degree that is true. If you consider the entry point of all Christian faiths, they look alike. Everyone says they believe in Jesus and are founded on the Word, but when you get deeper into that faith, you find out what is unique about that church.


Unfortunately, by then you have relationships with the Pastor and people. Many people decide to ignore the things they don’t believe and stay superficial about their faith. I want something different for my people and will discuss our differences with you anytime.  I have also prepared an outline of the different beliefs from their own literature so as not to be biased.

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