How will we do this?

  •     Take the word of God living and active to all people
  •     Bring grace and salvation
  •     Make workers for the kingdom of God


LCMS Lutheran Church of Murrieta

Promise's History


Founded in 2002, Promise seeks to make the Bible easy to understand and apply to your life.


We're a real church, with real people, and we want to share the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  We make mistakes and try to be better, but we don't look down on others because they've had a hard time or don't know their Bible.


We'd love for you to visit us!


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Vision & Mission

God's driving vision through the eyes and heart of our Pastor:

"To produce a true church that truly teaches the truth."



Meet Our Staff

Pastor Chris Deknatel

Founding Pastor

M.A. in Theology - Concordia Seminary

Danny Santamarina

Worship Arts Director

B.A. in Music - Concordia University

Jordan Santamarina

Youth Director

Ron Holliday


Laura Eide


Promise Christian Church   |   25664 MADISON AVE, MURRIETA, CA 92562    |    951-600-8201